Distinguished Alumni Awards

The Distinguished Alumni Awards recognize outstanding alumni of Dickinson College. Selected entirely by fellow alumni, recipients must demonstrate exemplary service to the College, accomplishment in their professional and civic lives, and strength of character. Members of the Alumni Council determine the recipients from among those nominations that are received. The prestigious awards are presented each year during ceremonies at Alumni Weekend in June. Since 1995, separate awards have been given for Professional Achievement and Service to the College in order to:
  • Demonstrate the effectiveness of the College in preparing alumni for many varied fields of endeavor;
  • Acquaint the public with the prominence of our alumni;
  • Indicate the Association's interest in our fellow alumni; and
  • Foster the interest and enthusiasm of alumni in the College through recognition of their work and service.
Professional Achievement Award
Recognition on the part of the Alumni Council should be paid to alumni who have achieved outstanding distinction in their life's work. Standard for the selection is solid achievement in one's professional field, community, public or humanitarian service.

The Walter E. Beach Distinguished Alumni Award for Service
Certain alumni render outstanding service in assisting the Alumni Association to fulfill its objectives; and therefore The Walter E. Beach Distinguished Alumni Award for Service was established and presented to those individual alumni who have rendered conspicuous and meritorious service to Dickinson College. Elements for consideration for this award are any one or more of the following:
  • Successfully carrying out Association goals and objectives;
  • Faithful and continued effort in developing or maintaining Association clubs;
  • Active participation in Association affairs;
  • Assisting with the development function of the College;
  • Assisting in the expansion of the usefulness,
  • influence and prestige of the Association.

Outstanding Young Alumni Award
The Outstanding Young Alumni Award was established by the Alumni Council in the Fall of 2003 to recognize publicly and within the Dickinson community the professional and civic accomplishments of the college's young alumni. It was previously awarded annually during ceremonies on Alumni Weekend in conjunction with the Distinguished Alumni Awards. Elements for consideration for this award are any one or more of the following:

  • Nominees will have shown great promise and accomplishment in their chosen profession and/or community, public or humanitarian service.
  • The nominee must have graduated from Dickinson no more than 15 years prior to the year of the award.
  • Recipients of this award shall not be precluded from consideration for further college awards.

Past Award Recipients

* Young Alumni Award
** Professional Achievement Award
*** Distinguished Alumni Award

 2014:    Justin Gold ’00*
             Albert ’63, P’93 & Pamela Miller ’65, P’93***
             Christopher Sharples ’87**

2013:    Lawrence E. Snyder '65 and Anne W. Selden '65***
   Brian E. Kamoie '93**
   Ashley K. Damewood '08*
2010:   Julie Schoenberg Jacobs ’90***
  Barry W. Lynn, Esq. ’70**
  John P. Bailey '95*
2009:   Thomas V. Zug '68***
  Chris Gulotta '76**
  Luke M. Bernstein '01*
2008:   Eileen Fair Durgin '52***
  Sylvia H. Rambo '58**
  Kathleen McHugh Schneider '99*
2007:   Sylvester "Bud" Aichele '42***
  Albert A. Alley '60**
  Jeffery S. Bohrman '67**
  Paula Robinson Moore '94*
2006:   Ira D. Glick '57**
  Wibur "Goby" Gobrecht '52***
  Amy Nauiokas '94*
2005:   Hesung Chun Koh '51**
  Ann Conser Curley '63***
 Jennifer Haigh '90*
2004:   Philip C. Capice '52**
  John Milton Davidson '33***
  Howard J. Lalli '90*
2003:    Rep. James C. Greenwood '73**
  Kevin Holleran, Esq 73*** 
2002:   Rev. Frances Foley Guest '48**
  Peter C. Marks '73*** 
2001:   Dr. William Berggren '52**
  Tony '65 and Judith '66 Rogers 
2000:   Andrew McPhail '76**
  John "Ham" Bacon '38*** 
1999:   Dr. Eric Denker '75*** 
1998:   Vincent Paterson '72**
  Rev. Robert J. Thomas '40***
1997:   Rick Smolan '72**
  John A. Bierly '66***
1996:   John R. Stafford '59**
  Thomas V. Zug '33***
1995:   David C. Meade '62**
  Carla Seybrecht Skladany '61***
1994:   Dr. Kenneth Spengler '36

  Katherine E. Bachman, Esq. '75
1992:   Walter E. Beach '56
1991:   Dr. Meyer P. Potamkin '32
1990:   J. William Stuart '32
1989:   Dr. Samuel Witwer, Esq. '30
1988:   Dr. Edward Raffensperger '36
1987:   John J. Curley '60
1986:   Dr. Benjamin D. James '34
1985:   Dr. Whitfield Bell, Jr. '35
  Dr. George Shuman, Jr. '37
1984:   Dr. Horace E. Rogers '24