Giving Societies

Dickinson College celebrates and recognizes annual donor contributions through the Mermaid Society and the John Dickinson Society.

The Mermaid Society

Alumni, parents and friends who have supported the college for at least the last five consecutive years are highlighted in the Report of Gifts with a mermaid symbol after their names. We appreciate and thank these donors for their loyal and consistent support.  

The John Dickinson Society

The John Dickinson Society is Dickinson's premier donor group, honoring those who demonstrate outstanding leadership in support of the college.

In appreciation of your gift, the college recognizes each member of the John Dickinson Society as leading contributors in the Report of Gifts. You also receive special event invitations and communications from the college's president and chairs of the John Dickinson Society.

John Dickinson Society Membership Levels:
Benjamin Rush Associate       $100,000+
Revolutionary                          $50,000
Visionary                                 $25,000
Scholar                                    $10,000
Philanthropist                          $5,000
Member                                   $2,500

For Young Alumni
6-10 years after graduation     $1,000
0-5 years after graduation       $500